Spreadsheet modeling essay

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Usefulness of Spreadsheet Modeling in Financial Accounting and Reporting Essay

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Craig W. Holden. Indiana University - Kelley School of Business - Department of Finance. we offer and encourage an approach we label "Spreadsheet Modeling" that has been quite successful in our classes and is growing in popularity.

Obviously, spreadsheet modeling is not new. PAPERS 1, This Journal is curated by: Craig Eich at. Modeling and Simulation A Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time.

It involves the generation of an artificial history of a system and observation of the artificial history to draw inferences concerning the operating characteristics of the real system. Create professional online surveys - fast, easy, and free. Online survey software, customer satisfaction, market research, employee satisfaction surveys.

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This essay firstly, will give a brief outline of development of electronic spreadsheet application and particularly indicate its widespread utilization in accounting sector; emphasis will be largely placed on the critical analysis of advantages and pitfalls of spreadsheet modeling in financial accounting and reporting.

Spreadsheet modeling essay
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