Stalin collectivisation essay

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Collectivization in the Soviet Union

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Collectivisation Essay

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The Soviet Union enforced the collectivization (Russian: Коллективизация) of its agricultural sector between and (in West - between and ) during the ascendancy of Joseph Stalin. - Stalin declared that the way forwards was collectivisation was the way forwards in the countryside.

Collectivisation in practice

– collectivisation made compulsary – 99& of land had been collectivised and 90% of peasants lived on one ofKolkhov's. Stalin used both collectivisation and industrialisation to consolidate power in Russia during the s. Both policies allowed him to gain control over the economy, and to discredit or eliminate his rivals within the Communist Party.

To do this Stalin introduced collectivisation first through the voluntary admission of peasants and then by coercion to force peasants into the program. Its effects were massive and by there werecollectivised farms.

Stalin wanted to gain control over the countryside, this give him the ability to fulfil this, finally collectivisation was used to increase the production of grain to sell to foreign countries. It has been argued whether collectivisation was a success or a failure, I am going to investigate this argument further/5(1).

Collectivisation and Industrialisation in Russia

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Stalin collectivisation essay
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